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Praxedo offers effortless compatibility with your existing information system.

As an alternative to the use of standard connectors, you can leverage Praxedo’s open API’s to enable seamless connection to your existing information system.

Experience real-time data synchronization.
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What is an API?

An API is a set of functions and procedures that allows you to access and build upon the data and functionality of an existing application.

You can develop a custom connection between your information system and Praxedo using our API.

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How can you build your custom connection?

Develop your own connector or collaborate with your system integrator, backed by our dedicated support teams.

Praxedo’s APIs empower you to decide precisely what information is exchanged in real time between your solutions and our platform, ensuring a tailored fit for your unique needs. This saves your administrative teams a considerable amount of time and avoids errors caused by double data entry.
Do you have a dedicated team?
We provide you with our open APIs so you can build your own fully custom interface.
Do you already work with an integrator?
Contact your integrator with support from our dedicated teams, and get the appropriate resources for the development of an interface between your information system and Praxedo.
Would you like to be connected with one of our partner integrators?
Some of the most popular solutions on the market have already been connected to Praxedo. Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with one of our partner integrators.

Are you using a standard market solution?

Discover some of the software solutions for which connectors have been successfully developed for one of our customers.

Contact Praxedo to be connected with one of our partners, and save time implementing your project!
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Do you have an in-house software solution?

Use our APIs!

Does your company use an in-house solution? If it has APIs, then it can also be connected to Praxedo.