Praxedo: field service software that meets all of your requirements.

We’ve got THE solution for your service business.

Greatly improve your service quality.

Praxedo: a smart system to make your customers happy. Spend less time building routes for your technicians and maximize their productivity.

Grow your business.

Praxedo: an efficient platform that drives your company toward success. Complete work orders more effectively, expand your market share and turn your technicians into sales representatives.

DSO reduction software to secure your cash flow.

Praxedo: a powerful solution that makes your business more profitable. Reinforce your operating margins, invoice your customers immediately after the jobs are complete and reduce DSO (Days Sales Outstanding).

Build customer loyalty.

Praxedo: the solution that allows your customers to breathe easy. Be more responsive to your customers’ requests and send them real-time updates. Win their trust with a streamlined experience.

Improve field technician motivation and empowerment.

Praxedo: the solution your technicians will love. Reduce your teams’ time behind the wheel and simplify their tasks. Make their work easier and more enjoyable.

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