Praxedo: a solution tailored to your industry.

Adapt our Field Service Management software to your industry-specific business requirements.
Praxedo empowers mobile technicians working in more than 50 industries.


Manage significant influx of service calls by managing your telecom technicians’ in real time.

Energy & Utilities

Improve your field team’s productivity and performance with software designed for managing operations in water and energy utilities.


Improve operational decision-making allowing you to swiftly respond to urgent solar service needs, ensuring efficient service continuity.

HVAC & Refrigeration

Comply with regulatory constraints and honor your contracts with our smart solution designed for industry professionals in Refrigeration.


Manage your building maintenance more effectively with our Field Service Management software.

Property & Facility Management

Make the essential services you offer more profitable with our smart solution, ideal for players in the Property / Facility Management industry.

Sanitation services

Increase productivity immediately with our Field Service Management software for the sanitation industry.

Heavy Equipment Rental

Deliver and pick up heavy or handling equipment more efficiently.

Security systems

Build customer loyalty by improving service quality and honoring contractual commitments.

Auditing, inspection and certification

Equip your team with software to better organize your operations and guarantee full traceability of work order data.

Automotive equipment service providers

Streamline field service operations and optimize car and truck service equipment maintenance tracking.

Elevator Maintenance

Efficiently schedule elevator maintenance jobs and empower your contractors to work more effectively.

High Tech Manufacturing

Streamline scheduling, optimize workflow management, and drive efficiency in your manufacturing operations.

Water Treatment

Prioritize your ability to deliver high-quality service while juggling numerous orders seamlessly.

Commercial Equipment Maintenance

Simplify maintenance work for your technicians with our flexible work order management system.


Effectively organizing contractor routes, facilitating daily tasks, scheduling emergency requests, and simplifying electrician workforce management.

Chimney Sweep Service

Effortlessly manage your chimney sweep jobs, streamline your scheduling processes, and improve overall efficiency.


Organize contractor routes, simplify daily tasks, schedules emergency requests, and streamlines the entire process of irrigation workforce management.

Pest Control

Manage and organize all your tasks, leaving no room for missed appointments or unsatisfied customers. Maintain superior service quality.


Optimize contractor routes, simplifies daily tasks, complete efficient locksmith dispatch, and streamline locksmith workforce management.


Manage project timelines, track job progress in real-time, and ensure seamless communication between your office and field teams.

Lawn Care

Deliver the highest level of service quality, regardless of the volume of work orders.

Pool Service

Benefit from real-time tracking, advanced scheduling, and efficient job management for swimming pool repair and maintenance.

Garage Door Service

Organize contractor routes, facilitate daily tasks, and manage your workforce all from a single, user-friendly platform.

Air Duct Cleaning

Streamline your work processes, and focus on what matters most: delivering excellent customer service and high-quality air duct cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning

Improve customer satisfaction and foster stronger relationships through effective customer communication, turning casual customers into loyal clients.

Fire Protection

Streamline tasks and improve communication, to ensure your service is top-tier at all times.

Gutter Cleaning

Provide unparalleled customer service regardless of the volume of work orders. Empower your contractors to work more effectively.

Audio Visual Management

Ensure quality and consistency in your service delivery. Improve work efficiency and deliver reliable services.

Commercial Food Equipment Service

Effectively handle any volume of work orders and ensure an unparalleled customer experience.


Effectively manage contractor workflows, optimize maintenance schedules, track equipment usage, and simplify workforce management.

Equipment Dealers

Optimize your operations, enhance productivity, and deliver efficient services to your customers.

Medical Device Manufacturing

Streamline operations, enhance productivity, and ensure adherence to industry standards.
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Can’t find your industry?

Don’t worry, Praxedo is fully customizable.
This flexibility allows you to configure and customize your Field Service Management software according to your company’s needs.
Praxedo is perfectly adapted to more than 50 industries.