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Explore the world of field service management through our informative webinars at Praxedo. Here we share valuable insights, practical strategies, and success stories to help businesses optimize their operations. Join us in discovering the latest trends and innovations in field service.

Strategies for Success: How ISP’s can thrive in an ever-changing environment

Strategies for ISP Success

ISPs face a dynamic landscape marked by the emergence of new competitors, rapid technological advancements, evolving customer demands, cybersecurity threats, economic fluctuations, and shifting workforce dynamics. Join us in this webinar as we delve into effective strategies to navigate and thrive amidst this ever-changing environment. Presented by: Brian Connolly, Senior Account Executive, Praxedo and Doug Dawson, President, CCG Consulting.

Transitioning your fiber infrastructure from build to run: maximizing efficiency with field service software


In the wake of the substantial infrastructure funding allocated by the Biden administration, the telecommunications industry is experiencing a surge in fiber optic network expansion. Operators are rightfully focused on the critical task of building and constructing the necessary fiber infrastructure to meet growing connectivity demands. However, it’s equally essential to look ahead at the long term – consider fiber drops, end-customers requests and maintenance demands that will inevitably (and hopefully in the case of end-customers installs) arise once the fiber has been laid. Join us as we explore the proactive approach of integrating advanced field service management software into your operations.

Efficiency Unleashed: Empowering your field technicians with Praxedo


Discover the tools and strategies you need to supercharge your field service operations. From AI-driven route planning to cutting-edge mobile technology and remote visual assistance, our webinar offers the ultimate guide to optimizing your field service capabilities. Join Praxedo’s seasoned experts as they dive into the world of field service management and show you how software can empower your technicians and ignite transformative efficiency across your entire operation.

Driving Digital Transformation in Telecoms: Adopting a People-Centered Approach for Future Success


This webinar explores how telecom companies should embrace digital transformation by putting people at the center, to reinvent themselves, adapt to changing market dynamics, and unlock new levels of success. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities presented by digital transformation and how telecom companies can leverage new technologies to enhance customer and employee experiences, improve efficiency, and generate higher profits.

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