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How Snake ‘n’ Rooter increased dispatch productivity by 20%.

Praxedo has improved our overall customer service. (…) We have seen each technician achieve approximately 10 percent growth in completed jobs per month.
Ryan Barefoot
Vice President
How Snake ‘n’ Rooter increased dispatch productivity by 20%.
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Tell us briefly about your company and what you offer…

We’re a family owned, full service plumbing and drain cleaning company founded in 1978, based in the Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO area.
We mainly service the commercial sector (60% of our operations), Snake n Rooter being probably the largest commercial plumbing company in the greater Kansas City area. We also service the residential sector (40%).
Our service area will expand in an approximate 60-mile radius from the downtown Kansas City area. We are strictly a plumbing and drain cleaning operation, no HVAC or other services offered, outside the plumbing trade.
We have a team of 30 individuals that helps us serve our customers on a week in, week out basis.

Why did you choose the Praxedo solution?

Prior to Praxedo we had been using carbon copy paper invoices. Each invoice had 3 specific copies, one we’d leave for the customers, one that the technician would keep, and the third for administrative purposes. This created a paper trail between us and our customers and was not the most efficient method of invoicing for both us and the customers.
Our office would communicate with field technicians using CB radio and walkie-talkies. As for the dispatch, we would use a giant map of our service area hooked on the wall where we would pinpoint jobs and technicians. This was not real time dispatch and we needed to go digital and bring proper geolocation in our organization.
We had been in search of a digital software solution that provided us with real time answers, real time feedback, & gave us the flexibility needed to track specific information that was important to us and our business.
We had sat through a fair number of demonstrations from other digital solutions, completed several trial runs, and finally found the ideal solution in Praxedo.
The flexibility offered for customization, along with the value delivered for the price, allowed us to have confidence to make a quick transition.
Other solutions seemed great at first but after a trial, the ease of use was not so obvious and the customization level was not high enough for our needs.

Who uses the Praxedo solution, and which features do they use?

We have 17 field technicians who use this solution each day. We provide all of our technicians with a tablet and have the Praxedo app downloaded on there.
This allows each technician to be able to GPS to their job site, have information on the problem they’re facing before they walk up to the property.
They have the ability to look backwards and see if we have done previous work at that location, and have the details on what we did specifically.
In the office, we have another team of 8 that use the web interface. This is used for dispatching the crew from job to job, reviewing and distributing invoices, and then for some accounting purposes as well.

What are the main benefits of the Praxedo solution?

The real time information tracked on the app allows all of our team members to work smarter and not harder. It’s improved our overall customer service.
When a customer calls and wants to know the last time we serviced their property, we can quickly tell them the exact date, who the technician onsite was, how much we charged, and what specifically we did to fix the problem.
The details it tracks and provides with a few clicks of the mouse gives our administrative and dispatch team a real advantage over our previous processes.
In addition, we now have accurate information that enables not to lose details of a job to do. Service calls information is entered directly in a Praxedo work order during the call, and the exact same information goes to the technician. It helped us greatly to reduce mistakes.
From a quantitative standpoint, we have seen each technician realize approximately 10 percent growth in completed jobs per month.
We’ve realized tremendous efficiency now that the jobs are dispatched to the tablet, GPS services are offered, and with all of our parts and labor prices built into the tablet, less time is needed to handle the paperwork process when completing a job.
We’re able to save time with each passing job, on each given day.
Praxedo also gives us the capability to save precious time in our everyday tasks: Dispatch is made more efficiently and we increased our productivity on this particular task by almost 20% (7.5 hours per week).
In addition, Praxedo helped us grow our team from 14 technicians up to 16 in just one year.

How do you envision the future of your partnership with Praxedo?

We hope to and expect to continue to grow. Since the beginning of our partnership we have already had the need to secure some additional subscriptions, as well as add more office staff to the web interface, and we hope that trend will continue.
It’s been a trying year for so many of us due to COVID-19, but as things stabilize for all of us, we expect further growth.

If you had to summarize the Praxedo solution in 2 keywords, what would they be?

Efficiency & Flexibility

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