Streamlined Communication and Efficiency: Polair’s Journey with Praxedo

Praxedo meets and exceeds the high standards required by the HVAC industry. They understand our needs and provide exceptional customization.
Monica & Rosa-Anna
Operations Manager | Service & Maintenance
Streamlined Communication and Efficiency: Polair's Journey with Praxedo
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Tell us briefly about your company and what you offer.

My name is Monica, I’m the Operations Manager at Polair. Rosa-Anna is the dispatcher at our company. We’ve been around for 12 years. We specialize mainly in HVAC and refrigeration for the commercial and industrial sector. We’re expanding and growing and have been working with Praxedo for a couple of years now. It’s become a key part of our operations. 

Can you describe your main pain point before implementing Praxedo?

Before Praxedo, we were just using spreadsheets to organize our jobs. Our pain points centered on discrepancies with reporting and miscommunication, due to the manual nature of a paper-based approach. For billing, for example, everything had to be written out and then copied.  It was taking up a lot of valuable time.  In terms of communication, there was a lot of back and forth with the technicians and dispatch team. It was creating inefficiencies. 

We tried a few software platforms but found they had poor customer service or a lack of customization for what we needed. 

How has this issue affected your work and business?

The primary challenge was the time-consuming nature of manual tasks in a digital world. Clients demand digital copies of everything, and we needed a solution that allowed for easy export and sharing. Transitioning to a digital platform was key.

How did you discover Praxedo, and what were the key factors that led to its selection over other options?

We discovered Praxedo through a referral. We were told it was a real-time work order management solution and we’d be able to login and see where the company is at or where the work orders are at without having to talk to everybody.

Senior management liked the idea of logging in on their phone, seeing where everyone was, what they’re doing, what jobs are done, and having all that information in one platform. 

How do you and your team use the product? Are there any specific features that have made a significant impact on your operations?

Dispatching is the primary focus. It ensures that the technicians know all the details of the job they are being dispatched to. 

Other features which have impacted operations:

  • The work order details are digital, so everyone has access to the address and the job specifics. 
  • We can attach additional documents to a job, like sign-in sheets or health procedures, which is very helpful.
  • If technicians need backup, they can just go into the work order and update.
  • The history feature organizes past service orders, making it easy to retrieve reports quickly when clients ask for them.
  • Technicians can see their whole day’s schedule in one view and plan better.

What is the main problem Praxedo solves for you?

It’s definitely the communication between the techs and the office, providing more clarity and saving time.

What results have you seen after implementing Praxedo? 

Time management has definitely improved. We’re waiting for some upgrades to further streamline our processes. Our asset system has never been this well-organized.

The quality of work from our employees and technicians has improved. They have always known how to do their jobs, but now they are more careful in writing service reports. They understand that these reports may go to clients, so they are more specific and detailed. As a result, their overall performance has improved significantly. Employee productivity has definitely changed for the better.

If you were to explain in a sentence or two what Praxedo does, how would you describe it to a colleague?

I would say that it’s a software that communicates between the technicians, the office, and the client, keeping records very well organized.

How do you see the future of your collaboration with Praxedo?

We look forward to continuing to work together and utilizing new features as they come.

Would you recommend Praxedo?

I would definitely recommend Praxedo. First and foremost, the customer service is top-notch. Both Paul and Claire are exceptionally personable. They never provide just a cut-and-dry answer; they always offer additional insights or explanations. They’re fantastic to work with. 

Also, there’s minimal downtime, and when there is, you guys are responsive. It’s reassuring to know you’re there when we need you.

On top of this, the software meets and exceeds the high standards required in the HVAC industry. You understand our needs and provide exceptional customization. We are excited to leverage Praxedo to its fullest potential.

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