How All West Streamlined Scheduling with Praxedo

The main result that we’ve seen after implementing Praxedo is the increased efficiency within our field teams. We’re able to make more service calls and install more services on a daily basis, allowing us to better achieve our business goals.
Michael Thomas
Director of Customer Support and Outside Plant Coordination
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Briefly tell us about your company and what you offer.

My name is Michael Thomas, and I work for All West Communications as their Director of Customer Support and Outside Plant Coordination. All West Communications provides internet services to residential and business industries within Wyoming and Utah.

Can you describe your main pain point before implementing Praxedo?

All West Communications has a customer service department responsible for scheduling services and installations. The issue we’ve faced is that customer service representatives assign tasks to field service technicians without considering their current location or previous assignments. This occurs across multiple CSRs, exacerbating the problem.

How has this issue affected your work and business?

Efficiency is crucial in our industry, as we have key performance indicators based on the number of installations per day, month, or quarter. Failing to meet these targets impacts our bottom line and leads to frustrations within our teams.

Tell us about how you and your team use the product. What is the main problem that Praxedo solves for you?

We run our SmartScheduler twice daily, reviewing schedules in the morning. Our field engineers synchronize their mobile app with their daily workload, picking up any nearby tickets. Praxedo addresses the scheduling issue by allowing our technicians to grab tickets as their availability permits, improving efficiency.

What features do you find most valuable in Praxedo?

The dashboard, or Cockpit, is particularly useful. It provides a snapshot of team activities, allowing leaders to monitor progress easily.

Where are you seeing the biggest benefits from Praxedo?

The greatest benefit is increased efficiency within our teams. Customer service representatives can now schedule work orders without needing to track technician locations or open tickets, as the SmartScheduler handles these tasks.

Where are you seeing the biggest results from Praxedo?

Implementing Praxedo has resulted in increased efficiency within our field teams. We can make more service calls and installations daily, aligning with our business goals.

How do you and the team feel after implementing Praxedo?

The team at All West Communications has been receptive to Praxedo. Weekly Change and Control meetings have helped improve efficiency and understanding of the product. Overall, the team has found success and is excited about future possibilities.

What is your favorite thing about Praxedo?

My favorite aspect is the SmartScheduler, which creates efficient schedules daily.

What sets Praxedo apart?

Praxedo’s ease of use, interface understanding, and integration capabilities set it apart. The smooth integration process was particularly valuable for us at All West.

Would you recommend Praxedo?

I would recommend Praxedo to any business with a field workforce. The efficiencies gained, simplification of scheduling, and reporting capabilities provide significant value to All West Communications.

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