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New recruiting techniques to hire technicians

Xavier Biseul
June 2, 2021
8 min. read

New recruiting techniques to hire technicians

As service companies face the challenges of recruiting maintenance technicians, they adopt new recruiting methods beyond simply posting job ads. These new approaches are vital to meeting the expectations of Generations Y and Z.

The maintenance technician profession is regularly included in lists of the top 10 professions where recruiting is most difficult. In a 2019 survey on manpower needs, French company, Pôle emploi, determined that 68% of the 20,100 recruiting projects assessed were difficult, underscoring the importance of maintenance recruitment.

As with all professions facing a shortage, the balance of power has been reversed. Because skilled maintenance technicians are in high demand, they’re spoiled for choice. It’s essential to understand how to recruit maintenance technicians effectively. They can name their demands, especially regarding work hours, making maintenance recruiters rethink their recruiting techniques.

This fact is particularly true among Generation Y—those born between 1981 and 1996—and Generation Z—those born in 1997 and later. Unlike older generations, these young workers don’t focus their entire time on work. Millennials are looking for a balance between their professional and personal lives. They also search for meaning and prefer companies that impart humanistic and environmental values.

Millennials see the pyramidal hierarchies and red tape in some companies as relics of the past. They prefer a flat organizational structure that’s agile enough to give them maximum autonomy. And they expect management to change their approach, shifting away from the tyrannical boss approach to becoming benevolent team enablers. A good atmosphere at work is also an important requirement, and that doesn’t just mean installing a foosball table or a pinball machine.

Generations Y and Z are children of the digital world who grew up with a smartphone in their hands. They’re used to immediacy and ubiquity, and they want to find the same fluid and intuitive technologies they use in their private life at their place of employment. This makes using the latest generation of field service management software essential.

If candidates for maintenance technician jobs can’t find what they’re looking for, they may reject an offer or resign after just a few days on the job. To attract and retain technicians in 2024, employers must adopt new recruiting methods.

Go beyond simply posting job ads

Regarding finding candidates, the first priority is to devise new approaches beyond simply posting jobs on generic recruiting sites or publications targeting technicians. It’s crucial to understand how to find maintenance technicians effectively. Maintenance technicians rarely use professional social networks such as LinkedIn and Viadeo. Still, maintenance recruiters shouldn’t ignore that their future employees have a massive presence on Instagram and Snapchat.

Because candidates spend more time on their mobile devices than on computers, the company’s website must be based on responsive web design principles to ensure it is optimized for use on mobile devices. The content in the careers section is crucial. Companies must be sure to share insights into the work environment, benefits, training opportunities, and career development paths they offer, which are crucial aspects of maintenance recruitment.

Technicians can become ambassadors for the company by explaining their jobs and working conditions in a video. Blogs can also strengthen the employer brand by promoting the company’s technical expertise and customer base, a strategy that field service technician companies can leverage to enhance their visibility.

Maintenance doesn’t have a great image today, and young people are either unaware of the work opportunities it provides or have a bad perception of the technician role. As a result, companies must evangelize the opportunities. But they must also be careful not to make false promises. Millennials will check sites such as Glassdoor and TripAdvisor of employment, where employees share their opinions about their employers. This vigilance is something every maintenance recruiter must consider ensuring transparency and credibility in their hiring processes.

Make it easy to apply

The maintenance recruitment job application form should be as simple as possible. Even the most enthusiastic candidates will give up if it becomes an obstacle. Chatbots can take the automation process a step further.

These conversational robots answer the questions candidates ask most often and help them use the company’s careers page. For example, Jobijoba’s CV Catcher automatically analyzes the content in a resume an applicant has uploaded so it can direct the person to the most relevant openings.

Leveraging Field Service Job Boards to Attract Skilled Maintenance Professionals

In the digital transformation era, field service technician companies have turned to field service job boards as a reliable resource for hiring maintenance technicians. This platform offers an extensive range of maintenance technician job postings, making it easier for potential candidates to find positions that align with their skills and career paths.

Field service job boards are an excellent way to streamline the maintenance technician recruiting process, providing service managers with a pool of experienced maintenance professionals at their fingertips. These job boards can also provide insights into what top shops are looking for in a technician, helping potential candidates understand the skills gap and work towards bridging it.

Utilizing Employee Referral and Social Media in the Hiring Process

Employee referral programs and social media are other powerful tools in the arsenal of new recruiting techniques to hire technicians. A satisfied maintenance professional is likely to refer potential candidates who can contribute positively to the work environment. Offering incentives for employee referrals can lead to long-term engagement among maintenance staff and foster a sense of community within the organization.

On the other hand, social media platforms offer a unique advantage in reaching out to tech-savvy candidates. Posting jobs on social media can help tap into a diverse talent pool, attracting new tech school graduates and experienced maintenance professionals. Understanding how to recruit technicians effectively can maximize these opportunities. Well-crafted job ads highlighting the company culture, growth opportunities, and unique benefits can increase visibility and appeal to prospective maintenance technicians, helping businesses effectively address the skills gap. This strategic approach supports the goals of hiring maintenance technicians and enhances the role of the maintenance recruiter in building a robust workforce.

Consider Video Interviews

In its latest report on HR trends, the Top Employers Institute notes a resurgence in an older recruiting technique: employee referrals. According to the report, 73% of France’s top employers use the approach, an increase of 13% in one year. Employees know their company and what their network is looking for, so they’re in an ideal position to ensure a good match between the two, exemplifying some of the best hiring practices.

Because employees have committed themselves personally, they won’t risk recommending a poor choice. This peer recommendation system, which typically includes a financial bonus, allows companies to tap into the hidden job market and leverage effective recruitment strategies.

The Top Employers Institute also points out a breakthrough in video job interviews, with 46% of top employers in France using the method, an increase of 8% in one year. Video interviews save candidates from making multiple trips to the employer’s offices. Because candidates are at home, they’re less stressed. It also helps hiring managers save time because they can watch the interviews one after another, using innovative recruitment tools that align with modern recruitment ideas.

Focus on Behavioral Skills

Hiring approaches focusing on behavioral skills have been another big trend in recent years, exemplifying modern recruiting techniques. In addition to technical skills, companies are increasingly looking for technicians with soft skills such as self-discipline, initiative, listening skills, and the ability to manage stress. Virtual reality can be used to immerse candidates in their future work environment so employers can assess their suitability for the job—a part of innovative recruitment best practices.

The behavioral skills approach also prevails in affinity matching and predictive recruiting solutions. Solutions such as AssessFirst, which are powered by artificial intelligence, analyze a large volume of data to assess an individual’s ability to succeed in a position within the context and culture of the company they’re applying to. This is a key component of a broader recruitment strategy known as method recruiting, which focuses on aligning a candidate’s personal traits and potential with the company’s long term goals and culture.

Quickly Integrate New Technicians Into The Team

Once technicians are hired, the most challenging part begins: keeping them. We know that millennials don’t hesitate to change jobs. The first hundred days are crucial, and employers must take special care when integrating new employees, a key aspect of employee retention. New employees must have the best possible working conditions, and an atmosphere of trust must be established that reflects recruitment best practices.

Listening is vital during this trial period, when each party evaluates the other, to avoid unspoken concerns and misunderstandings. It’s also crucial in maintenance trades to ensure that new recruits are quickly integrated into their team. Team-building initiatives, such as escape room games and sports challenges, can strengthen team unity. These activities are part of effective recruitment strategies to enhance employee satisfaction and retention.

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