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Discover how these companies streamlined operations & improved efficiency with FSM Software

Justine Arscott
April 17, 2024
6 min. read

When it comes to field service companies, where success hinges on delivering prompt, high-quality services, streamlining operations and improving efficiency stand as paramount objectives. Whether it’s responding to customer inquiries, dispatching technicians, or completing service tasks, every aspect of the workflow plays a crucial role in ensuring client satisfaction and maintaining competitive edge. 

By optimizing processes and embracing innovative technologies, field service companies can unlock a myriad of benefits, from reducing operational costs and enhancing productivity to boosting customer retention and fostering business growth. Through a series of insightful case studies, we delve into real-world examples showcasing the transformative power of field service management software, illustrating how these strategies can elevate performance, drive success, and redefine the standards of excellence in the field service industry.


How All West streamlined scheduling with Praxedo.

All West Communications, a provider of internet services in Wyoming and Utah, faced a significant challenge with inefficient task assignment for field service technicians due to disjointed scheduling processes across multiple customer service representatives (CSRs). This lack of coordination resulted in missed opportunities and hindered meeting performance targets, impacting the company’s bottom line. However, by implementing Praxedo, a workforce management solution and service scheduling software, All West streamlined operations and improved efficiency notably. Praxedo’s SmartScheduler feature, combined with Praxedo’s Mobile Application tailored to Telecom Operations, allowed technicians to pick up nearby tasks according to their availability, eliminating the need for manual tracking of technician locations and assignments by CSRs.

The implementation of Praxedo brought about substantial benefits for All West Communications, particularly in terms of increased efficiency within their field teams. With the ability to make more service calls and installations daily, the company could better achieve its business goals. The team’s positive reception to Praxedo, aided by regular Change and Control meetings to enhance efficiency and understanding of the product, underscores its success. As a bonus, the reporting capabilities allowed senior leaders to quickly check on teams’ performance whenever they needed, providing invaluable insights conveniently.

Notably, the SmartScheduler feature emerged as a favorite among users for its role in creating efficient schedules daily, while Praxedo’s ease of use, interface understanding, and integration capabilities set it apart as a recommended solution for businesses with field workforces.


CRC sees streamlined operations and faster invoicing with Praxedo.

CRC, a leading provider of specialized snow and ice removal services in Canada, faced significant challenges with their paper-based operational processes, leading to delays in invoicing, transcription errors, and prolonged billing periods. Recognizing the need for modernization, CRC implemented Praxedo, to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Praxedo enabled CRC to pre-create optimal routes, swiftly generate and dispatch runs in response to snowfall, and digitally store task data, eliminating the reliance on paper and expediting job verification and invoicing processes. This comprehensive digital transformation resulted in faster invoicing, reduced errors, increased customer satisfaction, and improved overall management of crucial information.

Praxedo’s real-time digital work order software solution revolutionized CRC’s operational efficiency, providing instant awareness of ongoing jobs, visibility into field activities, and secure storage of all data in a single accessible location.

How Snake ‘n’ Rooter increased dispatch productivity by 20%.

Praxedo significantly enhanced the operational efficiency of Snake & Rooter Plumbing by replacing their outdated manual processes with a streamlined digital solution. Before adopting Praxedo, the company relied on carbon copy paper invoices and communication via CB radios and physical maps for dispatch. This antiquated system was slow and cumbersome, leading the company to seek a digital alternative that offered real-time communication, job tracking, and invoicing capabilities. With Praxedo, Snake & Rooter’s 30 field technicians now use tablets integrated with the Praxedo app, allowing them to access GPS directions, job details, and historical service records before arriving at a site. This integration has not only improved customer service by providing instant access to job history but has also optimized dispatching, invoicing, and overall job completion efficiency.

The benefits of adopting Praxedo are evident in Snake & Rooter’s operations, with improved customer service, reduced administrative errors, and increased job completion rates. The real-time tracking features enable the administrative and dispatch teams to manage operations more effectively, resulting in a 10% increase in jobs completed per technician per month. The company has also achieved substantial time savings and productivity gains, with dispatching becoming more efficient, leading to a 20% increase in productivity. 


The Draft Guys reduced scheduling time by 87.5% since deploying Praxedo.

The Draft Guys, established in 2013, emerged from a need for improved draft beer equipment services identified by its founder, who previously owned a nightclub and recognized shortcomings in the existing servicing of Molson beer stations. Specializing in installing, maintaining, and servicing equipment for breweries and microbreweries in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, The Draft Guys serve major clients like Molson and Labatt, catering to approximately 1,000 customers in the region. With a focus on flushing draft lines, maintaining equipment, and supplying replacement parts, the company sought a solution to enhance productivity for its technicians and streamline business operations.

The decision to implement Praxedo, a field service management software, stemmed from a need for increased productivity and efficient scheduling. Praxedo’s responsive and configurable solution allowed The Draft Guys to optimize workflows, ensuring prompt billing for services rendered and accurate documentation of equipment replacements. By integrating Praxedo into their daily operations, the company experienced significant benefits, including streamlined accounting processes, reduced scheduling time, improved technician adoption, optimized service routes, and enhanced mapping functionality for real-time tracking and historical data analysis. 

Looking ahead, The Draft Guys envisions expanding its partnership with Praxedo as it grows its customer base and ventures into new service industries, highlighting the platform’s usability and efficiency as key factors driving their success.

Discover the Praxedo advantage

Praxedo has been a trusted provider of field service management (FSM) solutions for companies across the globe since 2005. Our success is attributed to our unwavering focus on delivering the best FSM tools in the market. Unlike other providers, we don’t aim to supply all enterprise applications. Instead, we prioritize our expertise in FSM and offer a cloud-based solution that streamlines deployment from start to finish.

Today, more than 1,500 companies including large enterprises and SMBs, and 65,000 users across the globe rely on Praxedo daily to optimize their field service operations. Our solution enables them to increase productivity, optimize resources, and facilitate seamless data exchanges between field personnel such as technicians and engineers, and their dispatchers.

Want to learn more?  Schedule a demo today.


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