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The Power of Digital Transformation in Energy and Utilities

Justine Arscott
October 24, 2023
3 min. read

Across North America, energy and utilities industries are grappling with a set of new challenges. With heightened demand for their products and services and the persistent issue of aging infrastructure, the industry is facing a significant rise in complexity and costs. Compounding these challenges is the prevalent talent shortage, making it increasingly difficult for companies to effectively acquire, retain, and train skilled workers. However, amidst these obstacles, digital transformation emerges as a beacon of hope for the industry.

More and more, energy and utilities companies are turning to digital technologies to streamline their operations, fortify their compliance foundations, and gear up for an AI – driven future. Contrary to initial fears, the aim of these technological advancements is not to replace human jobs but to empower employees by simplifying mundane tasks. By implementing the right advancing technologies, companies can foster better communication and collaboration on a larger scale, ultimately leading to healthier work cultures.

Understanding the significance of this digital revolution, it’s crucial for the energy sector and utilities industry to focus on specific workflows within their organizations. Work orders, maintenance procedures, and operational processes are optimal starting points for implementing new technologies and creating operational efficiencies.

Download Praxedo’s digital transformation for energy & utilities industry blueprint for a comprehensive deep dive.

The Digital Transformation Blueprint

Why Digital Transformation?

The goal of digital transformation is to continuously deploy technology on a large scale, ultimately improving customer experience and reducing costs. It’s not just a buzzword; it’s a solutions-driven approach that supports workers in building critical infrastructure and solving complex issues.

The Boston Consulting Group highlights how digital transformation can help achieve various organizational goals, including:

  • Scaling up new businesses, enabled by digital technology.
  • Capturing value from data by making use of machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Implementing fully digitalized end-to-end processes.
  • Upgrading IT systems with new digital technologies.
  • Enabling the workforce for the digital age.

Work Orders: The Foundational Layer

Wondering how to improve efficiency through energy and utilities digital transformation? Focus on one aspect of your business. We recommend starting with your work orders. By streamlining your work order management process, you can position your organization to adapt to long-term changes in the market.

Getting Started with Digital Transformation 

To ensure a successful transition, it’s vital to anticipate potential problems, conduct pilots before large-scale deployment, choose efficient solutions, and make use of experienced software vendors. Specialized FSM software vendors often have customer success specialists who can offer guidance and build practical digital technology features.

Streamlining the Digital Transformation Journey

To achieve success in digital transformation in energy industry, it’s essential to prioritize, among other things, the experiences of technicians, recognize the role of customer experience in the process, plan for predictive maintenance and select precise technical features that cater to specific needs.


The continuous evolution of advancing digital technologies in the energy and utilities industry demands a strong foundation and adaptability to change. Choosing the right technology provider with robust customer service is crucial to future-proofing the digital transformation journey. Embracing digital transformation is not just a step forward; it’s a leap toward building a more efficient, sustainable, and resilient future.

Download Praxedo’s digital transformation for energy & utilities industries blueprint for a comprehensive deep dive.



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