Constructel instantly boosts customer satisfaction and improves overall management of its telecom subcontractors.

We’re much more reactive to customer requests. We’ve improved the timeliness of our work orders by 12 points, and our customer satisfaction rate by 10 points – that’s a great achievement.
Tiago Moreira
Operations Director
Constructel instantly boosts customer satisfaction and improves overall management of its telecom subcontractors.
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Tell us briefly about your company and what you offer.

Established in 2003, Constructel specializes in telecommunications installations and maintenance, particularly for copper and fiber networks. We do everything from research and development to network construction and ongoing maintenance. Constructel operates across Europe, with 45 agencies and over 500 local partners in France alone.
Our business depends on our 2,000 technicians that carry out an average of 8,000 work orders daily, which translates to nearly 2 million usd a year.

Can you describe Constructel’s pain points before implementing Praxedo software?

We faced multiple challenges in our work order management process

Before implementing Praxedo’s field service management software, requests for work orders were transmitted from the customer’s system (Orange). We had to print them, then assign them to the field service teams. This created several bottlenecks, and we knew we could improve the process.

Effectively covering huge service areas was difficult
First were the operational challenges. Printing out work orders took up a lot of time. Scheduling wasn’t smooth, especially since Constructel covers a broad range of geographic areas. Our management team did not have enough visibility into the work being done by our telecom subcontractors.

Managing our technicians, interns, and subcontractors was too complex

Constructel had difficulty managing service calls in the field. Our technicians lacked the operational visibility necessary to complete their work order reports on the spot, and we needed a robust tool to help optimize their scheduling and boost productivity.

Too many billing delays

The process of following up with technicians, generating invoices and sending them out was not only energy-intensive, it wasn’t very reliable.

Lacking ways to reduce our ecological impact

Using massive quantities of paper was inconsistent with Constructel’s vision for the future – hence the commitment to digitize all of our processes.

What led you to Praxedo to solve these challenges?

We researched various field service management systems and determined that Praxedo’s software met all of our needs. Initial testing highlighted several advantages:

  • Overall quality of the mobile app and web interface
  • Ease of use of its SAAS solution model
  • A helpful, responsive customer support team

How do you use Praxedo in your company?

It’s the backbone of Constructel’s field service management

Our executives, teams responsible for day-to-day operations, and even our subcontractors use Praxedo’s web interface for scheduling and work order management.

Optimized scheduling

Our teams use Praxedo to manage work orders and organize technicians’ schedules according to our clients’ needs. Praxedo provides us with a detailed global view of what’s going on in the field, allowing work to be assigned, controlled, and tracked optimally. Given our high volume of work orders, the ability to manage them in real time is very important for us.

Over 1,300 telecom technicians are equipped with Praxedo’s mobile app

Constructel technicians receive their schedules directly through the mobile app. With all the information they need at their disposal, they can work independently and no longer require office support. They can also complete their work order reports directly in the app using forms we’ve preconfigured for each type of job.

Praxedo is as practical for our technicians as it is for administrative processing.

How has Praxedo transformed how Constructel operates?

It’s a perfect solution for managing a large number of work orders

Constructel has seen significant improvement in the quality of our work order management since implementing Praxedo software. First, with better traceability, we no longer lose information between our field teams and upper management.

We now have access to a database of work orders, allowing us to manage any claims that arise – that’s essential to maintain good customer relationships.
We’ve also optimized the process of distributing work orders between Constructel’s internal technicians and our subcontractors.

Gains in productivity and higher customer satisfaction rates

Constructel has made definitive gains in productivity, particularly when it comes to complex scheduling. We’re much more reactive to customer requests.

Our level of customer satisfaction has increased significantly. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve improved the timeliness of our work orders by 12 points, and our customer satisfaction rate by 10 points – that’s a great achievement.

More independent technicians, more reliable reports, quicker billing

Another advantage with Praxedo is greater autonomy for our field technicians. The mobile app allows them to work quickly and provide more reliable reports, which are entirely digitized and easily completed wherever they are. Once the technician validates the report, it is immediately accessible through the web interface for administrative processing and billing. These features have enabled us to considerably streamline the billing process and invoice customers straight away.

Huge ecological benefit: going paperless

The solution allows Constructel to operate more sustainably. Today, 100% of our scheduling and billing is paperless. With 2 million work orders carried out annually, this amounts to a sizeable environmental impact.

More recently, Praxedo software has allowed us to implement a marketplace solution which was not compatible with the internal tools we used previously. Now, we are a lot more reactive and see a decrease in the average cost per work order.

If you could summarize the Praxedo solution in 2 ways, what would they be?


Thanks to Praxedo’s field service management software, optimized scheduling and efficient work order management has resulted in significant productivity gains both in the field and in the office.


Praxedo is always available to support Constructel as well as the IT teams of France’s top 3 telecommunications operators. Praxedo offers quality support that has truly benefited our organization.

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