Thermomax greatly improved their work order management with Praxedo, maximizing efficiency from first call to final billing.

What set Praxedo apart was their ‘tailor-made’ approach to our needs, and a team that listens and is always available to support us.
Alex Morneau
Operations Assistant
Thermomax greatly improved their work order management with Praxedo, maximizing efficiency from first call to final billing.
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Tell us briefly about your company and what you offer.

Founded in 2013, Thermomax serves customers in Lanaudière with the repair, installation and maintenance of thermal equipment. Highly regarded by local customers, we have continued to evolve and thrive, growing a small team from 1 to 30 employees. In addition, our fleet has now increased to 15 vehicles.

We have been able to develop a high level of expertise over the years and are very proud to have an exceptionally capable and efficient workforce, all adequately trained and possessing the needed competencies for the service of building mechanics (HVAC and CVACR).

What types of problems or questions did you encounter before working with Praxedo? What made you look for field service management software solutions?

Before using Praxedo, our team encountered several issues. These problems included difficulties with mobile services, such as challenges in recording information and taking photos, as well as issues with incomplete information. Moreover, technical support was difficult to obtain from the previous solution provider, with a lack of follow-up and no assistance to find acceptable workarounds. The non-visual application lacked accessibility features, and the absence of available scenarios for notifications added to the challenges. Furthermore, customers with multiple locations experienced billing complications, while project management proved to be rather challenging.

How has this issue affected your work and business?

There was a lot of time wasted managing and scheduling calls, coupled with invoicing errors and a lack of structure in our work order management.Technicians were frequently criticized for incomplete work order submissions, with inadequate photo documentation. This often required additional communication to complete the missing information, complicated further by application bugs that failed to record the necessary data. This caused a decline in motivation from the team who consequently experienced heightened frustration and tension stemming from these operational challenges.  Additionally, there was a lack of project planning and monitoring, increasing the overall inefficiency of our operations.

Tell us how your team uses the product. What is the main problem that Praxedo solves for you?

Praxedo is used on the mobile devices of all our technicians and in the office by our project managers and dispatchers. It is even used, if necessary, when working remotely from home and on our mobile phones when we are on the road. The product is highly accessible. We use Praxedo from start to finish, from handling a call to billing.

Above all, we have improved the management of our work orders. We now have the opportunity to create various types of work orders according to demand and select the appropriate information depending on the type of job. This allows the technician to access the information they need to collect, ensuring that nothing is forgotten. 

Praxedo enables us to provide the customer with a comprehensive report on the service that has been provided, including exact details, important photos, and most importantly, the customer can receive a copy upon completion of the work. Additionally, this option allows us to work much more efficiently in the organization of projects which have group work orders. This helps facilitate the management of our work order and also project billing.

What are the main advantages of the Praxedo solution?

  • Their effective mobile application
  • Very visual planning
  • Customized work orders
  • Accessible
  • Outstanding technical support
  • Tailor-made notification scenario configurations
  • Excellent management of our clients and their sites

How did you discover Praxedo and why did you choose us? What do you think sets us apart from others?

We discovered Praxedo through an internet search. Praxedo met our needs and we found the software very accessible.  What set Praxedo apart was their ‘tailor-made’ approach to our needs, and a team that listens and is always available!  A specific thank you to Paul Nguyen for their excellent support!

How do you see the future of your partnership with Praxedo?

Satisfaction with the product is shared among our entire team. We consistently discover new features and the quality of service with Praxedo is always improving. We anticipate finding continued value from Praxedo’s software, as long as it benefits our company. The continual improvements only help to further enhance our contentment with the product.

Can you summarize the Praxedo solution in a few sentences?

Praxedo is a configurable planning tool, tailor-made for any type of business.  With Praxedo, we’re allowed full autonomy while also remaining well supervised and supported by Praxedo’s service team. This ensures we can handle every customer effectively, from the first phone call all the way through to billing. 

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