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Improving responsiveness with an intuitive scheduling tool and mobile app

Tania Piunno
Tania Piunno
April 6, 2022
5 min. read

Efficient scheduling is a result of optimal responsiveness and field service productivity. To achieve this, a field service dispatcher who oversees field operations must be able to plan the best possible routes and schedules for each of their field technicians. Route planning software can greatly streamline this process.

Optimized scheduling largely depends on an intuitive field service management tool. In fact, the key to managing activities in today’s competitive market is the combination of robust SAAS field service management software and a flexible mobile application. The two together with route optimization software make service businesses more profitable and productive by improving response times and optimizing workloads.

Scheduling software – your technicians’ trusted ally

The primary benefit of field service scheduling software (that includes a field service mobile app) is that it makes life much easier for your field technicians, auditors, and drivers. Fiber optic installers and telecom equipment maintenance professionals, for example, put this into practice daily.

Making the most of optimized workloads

As a service business, you should be able to enter data related to your routes and process it to optimize all aspects of your business. Through an intuitive dashboard, software helps manage the following information:

  • Number, type, and location of field service calls
  • Contact details and availability of customers
  • Available technicians and their skills
  • Equipment required to carry out the work order (spare parts)
  • Technician location through field service GPS tracking
  • Real-time traffic conditions

Based on this data, your software, which is entirely customizable, makes constant calculations and adjustments to provide each technician with an optimal schedule. It allows for better time management by reducing travel periods and maximizing employee billable hours. It also anticipates activity peaks and increases productivity across the board. Since your teams will spend more time in the field than in their vehicles with the help of this field service technology, they can focus on the quality of service they provide, without having to worry about logistics.

How to boost responsiveness and motivation of your technicians

Employees equipped with intelligent management tools that provide them with all the information they need throughout the day are naturally more efficient on the job. Real-time monitoring of their daily schedules – factoring in emergencies and unforeseen events – makes them extra responsive.

They can easily communicate with the central office in a few clicks in the event of a problem or pressing question. Coordination between employees and a field service dispatcher is made easy via instant messaging and continuous support.

Knowing that the management of remote teams is one of the main field service management challenges service companies face today, software in SaaS mode allows you to build quality relationships with your employees through the following techniques:

  • individualized attention to each technician
  • fully open communication channels
  • increased responsiveness from dispatchers

Helping dispatchers optimize routes

The # 1 tool for optimizing service routes

When it comes to travel time, cloud-based field service management software is ideal for planning routes in a few clicks through algorithm-based field service AI technology. An intelligent planner such as the Praxedo SmartScheduler analyzes operating constraints on both a customer and technician level. Scheduling, which was once considered a big headache, has become really easy to manage as the most optimal schedule is just a few clicks away. This route optimization capability is crucial.

Improved responsiveness through real-time work order tracking

Using a map, the service center can monitor the status of the various work orders completed in the field by technicians in real time. This collection of data relating to field service KPIs of your choosing such as service time, technician punctuality, and first-time fix rate ensures effective responsiveness from both dispatchers and technicians.

Scheduling software to boost performance

How to increase productivity with your mobile application

Through a more accurate and real-time view of your employees’ routes, the business becomes more receptive to customer needs. A field service dispatcher can respond within seconds to the cancellation of a work order by a technician, quickly identifying the nearest employee who is available and has the required skills to complete the job. Meanwhile, the customer was unaware of the possible “hitch”.

The fact that you can almost always match the right technician to the right job, at the right time will inevitably improve your operational performance. According to a recent Aberdeen Group study, leading service companies reap the benefits of focusing on service optimization by an increase of:

  • 17% in turnover
  • 19% in customer satisfaction
  • 27% in productivity

Choosing to save significant time and money with an app for your mobile workforce

Time is money when it comes to managing field services, and intelligent field service scheduling software reduces vehicle maintenance fees, fuel costs, and round trips between the main office and customer locations, to name a few. In addition, we mustn’t forget the savings associated with not having to buy paper. These are key cost savings features.

Scheduling software to improve relationships

A smart field service scheduling alarm company software makes your business more agile, instantly improving customer relationships. Through real-time analytics with advanced configurations, service managers can point out what is and isn’t working to be able to adapt accordingly and provide the best quality of service possible. Choosing the right scheduling software with advanced features and integration capabilities can greatly enhance route planning efficiency.

Customers are kept in-the-loop with notifications such as when the technician is scheduled to arrive and receive a detailed electronic field service report after every service call. Customers also have the ability to schedule a work order themselves when needed and access relevant information through a dedicated portal. Providing them with tools that give them more control builds trust and increases loyalty. This delivery routing efficiency contributes to overall customer satisfaction.


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