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Six companies share how Praxedo supports faster invoicing and improved billing

Justine Arscott
April 29, 2024
7 min. read

In today’s fast-paced field service industry, companies are continually striving to optimize operations, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction. A critical aspect of achieving these goals lies in streamlining billing processes to ensure faster invoicing and improved cash flow. Six companies—CRC, JLR Cranes, BBG Refrigeration, Vari-Therm Ltd, Henry Schein France, and Neoservices Elevators—have embraced Praxedo’s field service management software to revolutionize their invoicing workflows. Through these case studies, we uncover how these companies leveraged Praxedo to expedite billing cycles, reduce administrative burdens, and enhance operational efficiency, ultimately redefining industry standards and setting new benchmarks for success.


Les Entreprises CRC significantly improved their operations and billing efficiency with Praxedo, a real-time digital work order software. Before implementing Praxedo, CRC faced challenges with paper-based operational processes, resulting in delays in invoicing, transcription errors, and prolonged billing cycles. With Praxedo, CRC can now pre-create optimal routes for runs, saving time previously spent on post-configuration route adjustments. Field technicians use Praxedo to gather and instantly transmit task data upon completion, eliminating the need for manual transcription and expediting job verification. This streamlined digital approach has led to faster invoicing, reduced errors in billing, and improved customer satisfaction due to quicker job validations and report deliveries.

Praxedo’s solution offers CRC a centralized system that digitizes their entire work order process, reducing the reliance on paper and minimizing the risk of data loss. Real-time updates and visibility into field activities empower management with instant awareness of ongoing jobs and resource utilization. Overall, Praxedo has simplified CRC’s workflow, enhanced information accessibility, and facilitated efficient job management, ultimately transforming their operational efficiency and billing accuracy.

JLR Cranes

JLR Cranes Inc. significantly reduced administrative tasks related to invoicing and payroll by 50% and 75%, respectively, while enhancing service team efficiency with Praxedo’s solution. Before adopting Praxedo, JLR faced challenges with outdated dispatch software and paper-based processes, resulting in delays, errors, and revenue losses due to missed service deadlines. Praxedo’s mobile application replaced paper forms, enabling technicians to input billable time directly, which streamlined processes and eliminated transcription errors. The integration with JLR’s accounting software improved data accuracy and reduced administrative tasks, leading to faster invoicing and payroll processing.

Praxedo transformed how JLR organizes resources and schedules jobs, with dispatchers and administrative staff using the web application, while crane operators utilize the mobile app. The dynamic dashboard provides real-time visibility into equipment reservations, enhancing planning efficiency. By eliminating paper processes, JLR achieved improved service reporting quality, remote working capabilities, and streamlined communication. The integration between Praxedo and Acomba simplified data entry, reducing duplicate work and enhancing billing accuracy, ultimately decreasing workload significantly across various operational tasks.


B.B.G Refrigeration has revolutionized its operations with Praxedo, now able to bill for every job carried out due to the elimination of paper-based work orders. Before Praxedo, the company struggled with data reliability and inefficient processes, leading to missed invoices and incomplete repairs. With Praxedo, all work orders are captured digitally, ensuring 100% accuracy in invoicing and reducing the risk of data loss to zero. Technicians use the mobile application to record job details, enabling prompt validation and immediate transfer to the billing department, streamlining the entire invoicing process.

Praxedo’s web platform is utilized across various departments at B.B.G Refrigeration, facilitating scheduling, dispatching, and quality control for installations. The integration with the company’s accounting system ensures seamless data flow, transforming work orders into purchase orders effortlessly. This integration has notably enhanced the quality of information captured, with technicians now including detailed descriptions and photos of work performed, improving customer communication and service visibility. The streamlined billing cycle has dramatically reduced invoice generation time from up to 20 days to just 5 days post-completion, optimizing cash flow and overall operational efficiency.

Looking ahead, B.B.G Refrigeration envisions continued collaboration with Praxedo, leveraging its customizable capabilities to adapt to evolving business needs. Praxedo’s solution is summarized in two words by the company as “Efficiency” and “Precision,” reflecting the significant time savings and enhanced accuracy achieved throughout their service workflow, from service call to invoicing. This transformation underscores Praxedo’s role in maximizing technician productivity and communication effectiveness, ultimately driving operational excellence and customer satisfaction.


Vari-Therm Ltd transformed its invoicing process with Praxedo, reducing the time to invoice from two weeks to just one day, resulting in faster payments and improved cash flow. Before Praxedo, the company faced delays in invoicing due to paper-based processes, requiring manual handling and mailing of invoices. With Praxedo’s digital solution, invoices are sent out the same day jobs are completed, optimizing cash flow and ensuring prompt payments. The automation within Praxedo guarantees that every completed job is invoiced promptly, eliminating uncertainties and ensuring accurate billing.

Praxedo’s impact extends beyond faster invoicing, significantly reducing administrative workload by eliminating nearly 200 daily calls from technicians seeking information or updates. The centralized platform provides technicians with real-time access to customer data, work history, and tailored forms, streamlining job processes and reducing errors. Vari-Therm Ltd also benefits from real-time tracking of technician activities and improved dispatching capabilities, enabling efficient job assignment and enhanced customer communication through automated status notifications.

Henry Shein

Henry Schein France achieved a significant reduction in invoicing times from 5 weeks to just 24 hours with Praxedo’s support. By leveraging electronic service reports that are instantly transmitted after each job, Henry Schein enhanced responsiveness and reliability in customer service. This swift transition to electronic reporting not only expedited billing processes but also streamlined administrative tasks such as spare parts management and invoice creation, empowering their 140 technicians to focus more on field operations and customer satisfaction.

Moreover, Praxedo enabled Henry Schein to boost productivity, with over a 10% increase in completed work orders within a year of adopting the solution. This productivity enhancement was complemented by a strategic reshaping and standardization of business processes, allowing for improved operational management and workforce productivity. Jean-Luc Morand, Director of Technical Services at Henry Schein France, underscores the transformative impact of Praxedo in optimizing operations and delivering exceptional service to their customers.

Neoservices Elevators

Neoservices Elevators experienced a transformative shift in dispatch productivity and customer invoicing timelines with Praxedo, reducing invoicing deadlines by 10 to 15 days and improving cash flow. Before adopting Praxedo, challenges with dispersed customer data and inefficient dispatching hindered their ability to respond promptly to service requests. Praxedo helped centralize information and enabled real-time visibility into field activities, empowering the director of maintenance and service call division to optimize dispatching and save significant time on manual planning and coordination.

The transition to Praxedo revolutionized fieldwork efficiency, eliminating paper-based processes and allowing technicians to access work order history directly from their mobile devices. This shift not only simplified technicians’ jobs but also enhanced customer satisfaction through rapid reporting and transparent communication. Moreover, Praxedo’s real-time work order management significantly reduced invoicing timelines, expedited billing processes and improved cash flow. This acceleration in invoicing cycles not only strengthened customer confidence but also facilitated quicker validation of quotes and increased overall business efficiency.

In conclusion, Praxedo’s impact on these diverse field service companies has been transformative, enabling them to overcome challenges, optimize workflows, and achieve remarkable results. From streamlining invoicing processes to improving dispatch productivity and reducing administrative overheads, Praxedo has proven instrumental in driving operational excellence and customer satisfaction. As these case studies illustrate, Praxedo’s innovative solutions empower field service companies to maximize efficiency, enhance communication, and deliver unparalleled service quality, underscoring its role as a catalyst for success in the dynamic field service landscape. Through strategic adoption and seamless integration, Praxedo continues to empower organizations to elevate performance, streamline operations, and redefine excellence in the field service industry.

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