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Transitioning your fiber infrastructure from build to run: maximizing efficiency with field service software

Justine Arscott
November 28, 2023
3 min. read

In the wake of the substantial infrastructure funding allocated by the Biden administration, the telecommunications industry is experiencing a surge in fiber optic network expansion. Operators are rightfully focused on the critical task of building and constructing the necessary fiber infrastructure to meet growing connectivity demands. However, it’s equally essential to look ahead at the long term – consider fiber drops, end-customers requests and maintenance demands that will inevitably (and hopefully in the case of end-customers installs) arise once the fiber has been laid.

We recently hosted a webinar, in conjunction with the Fiber Broadband Association, which explored the proactive approach of integrating advanced field service management software into your operations – from deployment all the way through to run phase. We delved into how this technology can help telecom operators optimize efficiency from day one, ensuring that maintenance and service demands are met seamlessly. 

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Here are ten key takeaways from the webinar:

  1. The Construction Opportunity: Government-funded surge in fiber optic network construction necessitates meticulous financial planning and service optimization for profitability.

  2. Sustaining Profitability Challenge: Ensuring high-quality service and customer satisfaction is paramount, requiring a focus on customer retention and competitive pricing in a dynamic market.

  3. Customer Experience Priority: Telecom operators must prioritize customer experience, emphasizing the need for a cultural shift within organizations.

  4. Scheduling Complexity: Advanced software solutions are essential to navigate scheduling complexities during the operational phase, especially in scenarios involving multiple technicians and unpredictable work requests.

  5. Embracing Scalability: Telecom organizations must embrace scalable solutions and optimized scheduling processes to effectively manage the increasing operational workload.

  6. Transitioning Best Practices: Strategies for success include transitioning from project-oriented to customer-oriented operations, empowering field technicians, and implementing self-service portals for customers.

  7. Adaptive Business Model: Adaptation to changes in the business model is crucial for telecom operators to stay competitive and responsive to market dynamics.

  8. Software Selection Considerations: Ease of use, rapid implementation, and industry specialization are key considerations when selecting field service software, alongside the flexibility and scalability to support business growth.

  9. Operational Excellence Through Software: Leveraging advanced field service management software is vital for streamlining operations and delivering exceptional service to customers.

  10. Staying Ahead in the Industry: Engagement in proactive discussions and exploration of industry-specific solutions, such as Praxedo, can ensure staying ahead in the evolving landscape of fiber optic network management and maintenance.

Watch the webinar on-demand now



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